Spencer Kelly: Language and the Mind – RSE1
Spencer Kelly

Welcome to the first episode of the Real Sciences podcast in the English language, our first episode is going to be an interview with Dr. Spencer Kelly, professor of psychology and neuroscience in the Department of Psychological and brain sciences at Colgate University.

In this interview, you’ll listen to an amazing explanation of many facts that have been mentioned in Dr. Kelly’s book: the Language and the Mind, including but not limited to:

  1. Crib bilinguals
  2. Singing and stuttering: is it really a miracle that reciting Quran can help with stuttering?
  3. How easy is it to relate genes to psychology? Is there really a language gene?
  4. Is there a brain area for language?
  5. What is cognitive control and how can language help with it?
  6. Can we run away from a place and time that we didn’t like to a new language?
  7. Schizophrenia: can language be involved?

Link to Language and the mind: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Language-and-the-Mind/dp/B085SZ9PSZ

Papers mentioned in the podcast:

[1] Hickok, Gregory, and David Poeppel. “The cortical organization of speech processing.” Nature reviews neuroscience 8.5 (2007): 393-402.

[2] Luk, Gigi, E. R. I. C. De Sa, and Ellen Bialystok. “Is there a relation between onset age of bilingualism and enhancement of cognitive control?.” Bilingualism: Language and cognition 14.4 (2011): 588-595.

[3] Ayçiçegi-Dinn, Ayse, and Catherine L. Caldwell-Harris. “Emotion-memory effects in bilingual speakers: A levels-of-processing approach.” Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 12.3 (2009): 291-303.

[4] Corcoran, C. M., Mittal, V. A., Bearden, C. E., Gur, R. E., Hitczenko, K., Bilgrami, Z., … & Wolff, P. (2020). Language as a biomarker for psychosis: A natural language processing approach. Schizophrenia research, 226, 158-166

Written by:

Omar Meriwani



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